• Developmental program research involves lab- and school-based investigations.
  • Examples include the neuroimaging of anxiety disorders, automated measurement of social interaction among children with autism, and behavioral and academic interventions in Head Start classrooms.
  • Developmental studies often include bilingual children, children from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, children with developmental delays and clinical disorders, as well as typically developing children.
  • Research projects are funded by faculty grants and student fellowships from agencies including the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the Office of Head Start, Autism Speaks, the Buffet Foundation, and the Institute of Education Sciences.

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Bridging Research on Anxiety, Innovations, and Neuroscience (BRAIN) Group

Dr. Jennifer C. Britton

School Readiness Lab

Dr Daryl B. Greenfield

Early Play and Development Lab

Dr. Daniel S. Messinger

Object and Word Learning Lab

Dr. Lynn K. Perry

Social and Emotional Readiness Lab (SERL)

Dr. Rebecca Bulotsky Shearer

Social Cognition Lab

Dr. Elizabeth A. Simpson

Research within the Developmental Program involves:

  • Oxytocin collection
  • Eye-tracking
  • Head-mounted camera
  • Observation
  • Administration of cognitive and affective tasks via paper, ipad, and computer
  • Structural and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging